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April 21st 2021

A heartfelt welcome to all new site members and a massive thank you to everyone for your patience as the Karuna Unity is birthed.

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes.

We have been trying to gather together a core committee of twelve dedicated individuals who share the same passion to fully manifest global vegan unity.

Once we have the core committee members finalised, things will start to really take off and there will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to be involved.

In the meantime, here is an update:

On May 2nd I will be posting a short video on Instagram to introduce people to

the Karuna Unity. The goal is to increase the visibility of the KU and

provide details of the meetings that take place on the 16th of each

month. Please be sure to watch and share the post and the website link.

On May 15h A letter will be sent out to as many vegan organisations and initiatives

as we have been able to identify so far, including those motivated by

animal rights, human health, environmental healing and spiritual

awakening. The letter will be inviting a representative from each group

to join the KU including opportunities to be on various committees.

This letter will also contain an invitation for as many individuals as

possible from the above mentioned groups to attend a special outreach

meeting on May 29th.

On may 16th There will be a KU General Meeting including a presentation by myself.

The monthly meetings on the 16th will also include opportunities for

everyone to have their personal questions responded to.

On May 22nd The first reminder of the meeting on the 29th will be sent out to all

vegan groups, initiatives and artisans.

On My 26th The second reminder of the meeting on the 29th will be sent out.

On May 29th The first vegan outreach meeting will be staged whereby vegan groups

and vegan artisans will have a chance to learn about the Karuna Unity

International Road show . They will also have their questions answered.

regarding their potential involvement and opportunities to promote

their organizations.

Faychesca is compiling a list of vegan artisans in order for us to set into motion the creation of the Karuna Unity Internaitonal Roadshow.

Once the core committee has been finalised, a list of all committee members and their roles will be posted on the website.

Plans are afoot for creating a Karuna Unity on-line event. It is our intention that this will eventually evolve into a live face to face festival.

The current established core committee members are holding meetings every week. There are many items on the agenda including:

· Coordinating the educational aspect of the KU

· Allocating roles to all those of you who have expressed interest in being directly involved in KU mission.

· Compiling multiple databases including those individuals who are in the best position to promote the KU.

Thank you again for your patience and support – it means the world to us at the KU and it means the world can have hope for a future of compassionate peace and global healing.

Blessings always

Rosalind Graham

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