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About the Karuna Unity:

The Full Story

Dear vegan leader,


This is a genuine invitation, at no cost - and with no strings attached - to empower, promote, and better succeed with all that your vegan organization tries to do.  


With the global pandemic still dictating our lives at every turn, a peak in political disquiet throughout the world, and a critical climax of the environmental crisis, a perfect storm of opportunity has been created.


The current global ‘shake up’, brought about by the above factors is truly the greatest opportunity that has ever existed for veganism to become the norm.  


Awareness of the climate crisis is spreading in its own pandemic fashion resulting in a widespread wake up to the deadliness of animal agriculture and its impact on our planet. 


Covid has alerted many to the far reaching and diverse price of consuming animals. 


The masses are looking for a way forward. They are at an intersection consisting of many roads; most of which lead to either total destruction or a future of hell on Earth. 


The vegan message is finally infiltrating into the darkness, people are reaching out – searching for a way forwards. 


Now is the time for us all in the global vegan community to cease the moment  - to uniteand, together and bring forth our combined message of compassion and education in a way that is truly absorbable.


Joining the Karuna Unity means your group maintains its current identity and independent function, while also gaining massive exposure by being part of the ultimate global vegan community.


The Karuna Unity is shortly to become the great Mother Ship of the entire vegan world.   


Currently, there are millions of isolated vegan initiatives, groups, clubs, and societies such as yours scattered all over the globe – all working tirelessly to awaken mainstream humanity to the vegan message.


There are those campaigning for animal rights and others - equally desperate - striving to save the environment by spreading the vegan message. . 

There are also those doing all they can to educate people about the health benefits of veganism, and others sharing the spiritual benefits of the vegan diet and lifestyle.         


If a person’s aspiration is exclusively to reduce animal suffering, their resolve may quickly grow despondent. 


If a person’s aspiration is exclusively to protect the environment, their resolve may soon grow weary. 


If a person’s aspiration to become a vegan is exclusively in order to heal their own diseases, their resolve may easily be railroaded by mainstream manipulation.


If a person embraces veganism exclusively as a pathway to enlightenment, their egos will tarnish their success.   


But if a person is educated in, and aspires to, all of the above justifications -  their resolve will sit solidly on all four of the cornerstones of veganism and their commitment will never crumble nor tire.  


The Karuna Unity is to be a global umbrella for all vegan groups to unite under in order to jointly present, via attractive and impeccable education, all four justifications for veganism.  


It is no longer a time to remain in our isolated vegan groups as we attempt to be heard over the raucous decibels of the unethical and uneducated. 


Joining the Karuna Unity is an opportunity to unite and, collectively, become a bold and highly visible snowball of light and globally systemic compassion, that results in final world peace and healing. 


We can just live today as any other, continue to campaign alone and await the outcome of our scattering and separate of voices lost in the wind of egotistical ignorance and greed or we can unite as one invincible and permeating influence. 


We are inviting you, personally, to join the core committee of the Karuna Unity as a representative of your organisaliton/group. 


We are offering you, and your organization, a chance to be part of what is going to become the catalyst that finally made veganism the norm and, in doing so, facilitated the dawning of planetary, human and animal salvation and enabled a future for our children.   


The saying ‘greater then the sum of its parts’ was never more applicable than when applied to the positive influence the Karuna Unity will have on the destiny of all life on earth. 


Please – join us – you have zero to loose and all that matters to gain.


Your organization can join the Karuna Unity by contacting Julia ***** …….


If you would like to have a representative from your organization on the core committee of the Karuna Unity please contact ***************** 

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