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We are currently recruiting the final members of the Karuna Unity’s Core Committee.



To apply to be on the core committee you need to:


1.    Be an established vegan


2.    Attend a 60 – 90 minutes on-line (zoom) meeting once per week  


3.    Invest a minimum of 3 hours per week doing work for the development of the KU (tasks to be agreed upon at the weekly meetings)


4.    Be an ambassador for the KU wherever you go


If you feel passionate about helping to bring vegan education to the mainstream population - for the sake of the animals, the environment, and human health - then please consider volunteering to join our core committee.


This is not a position whereby rewards for your efforts are materialistic but, rather, altruistic. 


The core committee consists of a dedicated group of individuals who share the same vision of global vegan unity, and mainstream vegan transformation.  Those on the core committee share a mutually nurturing love and respect for each other.  


Joining the Core Committee, will help you to activate your highest aspirations, breathe positivity into your days, and add greater meaning to your life.


If you want to be part of creating a legacy of compassion in action, to hand down to future generations, please contact us on 07798 761461.

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