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With the global pandemic, the political disquiet in the USA, Brexit and a critical peaking of the environmental crisis, the perfect storm has been created.


Despite the social fracturing that has resulted, this convergence of chaos has also brought about a plethora of creative opportunities, constructive possibilities, and massive healing potential.


This perfect storm has revealed that the real issue is neither the pandemic nor the political unrest, nor Brexit, nor the environment.  

The real issue is the quality of the collective human intent as it is from that, which all other issues arise.   


Those who can see the divinity in compassion, hold a very privileged position by virtue of their awareness. A position that holds within it the ineffable power to transform human intent on a mass scale.


The vegan message is finally infiltrating the darkness; people are reaching out – searching for a helping hand up.  


In order for compassion to become manifest, it must be overtly transformed from the simple and limiting confines of verbalized ethics and personal application, into the dynamic and far-reaching pandemic of a global awakening.



Big action is required in order to birth big change.


When we come to the end of our lives, having lived during these times, how triumphantly we will pass depends upon what we do now.  


Are you ready to step forward as a volunteer who know the potential transformative power of compassion that sleeps within us, awaiting its awakening? 


We can counteract the perfect storm with the perfect storm.

As individuals, we can start concentric ripples of light. By uniting together with others, who share our views and intent, we can shed a vast and permeating lilluminaiton that can negate the global darkness.


Humanity is looking for a way forward. People are at an intersection consisting of many roads; most of which lead to either total destruction or a future of hell on Earth. 


This is an opportunity to collectively become a bold and highly visible snowball of light and globally systemic compassion, resulting in final world peace and healing. 


We must grasp today and share this vision. We have to become the mycelium that spreads the message causing the mushrooming of authentic benevolence across the world. 


We have to, for our children’s sake.


We have to become the proactive disciples of loving kindness and compassion.


You might be feeling inspired, but wondering what to do. 


How do we honour this role, how do we personally make a difference.

The first step is to fuel your inspiration daily – in whatever form works best for you – prayer, song, dance, art, reading, meditating, connecting to others – so that each day can  become your living prayer of global healing. 


In addition, you can:


1. Aspire not to greatness but to making a great difference.


2. Learn to recognize when your ego driving your intent and take back the wheel with your highest aspirations.  


3. Live your vegan lifestyle choices boldly and openly as your ethical and moral teachings.


4. Exchange negative judgments of others  - human and animal - with compassion for the suffering beneath their words and actions.


5. Replace interfering with the choices of others with living your choices in their presence.    


6. Shift your focus from convincing others to change their ways to focusing on finding your own way.


7. Let loving kindness and compassion radiate and permeate every word and every action you make. 


8. Understand that you cannot heal the world alone yet, at the same time, the world cannot be healed without your participation in that healing.


9. Connect with others who share the same aspirations and graceful intent as you.


10. Most importantly, join our Karuna Unity – so that we can embroider the world with the threads of our healing compassion. 


The Karuna Unity enables you to stay connected as we remind each other daily of our joint mission. 


This is the vision of the Karuna Unity.


I invite you to join us today; as tomorrow may be too late…  


Thank you – deeply – from the hearts of us all within the Karuna Unity.

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