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Announcing Phase 2

Exciting announcement!

Thank you for your attention.

Today, I am publically announcing Phase 2 of our Karuna Unity’s visionary work.

Phase 2 is not only exciting and dynamic, powerful and filled with opportunities for everyone; it is also inspirational in and of itself and, most importantly, a key component of our Karuna Unity’s mission.

Education can inspire but when it is coupled with creativity and stood upon the plinth of artistic expression, it can become ineffably inspirational, deeply resonating, and easily absorbable regardless of individual limitations.

Looking back in history, it can be seen that the greatest influence on the sculpting of societies worldwide has not been the politicians, nor has it been the most affluent or even the leaders of religious groups. The perspectives, viewpoints, opinions, visions, habits, ethics, and direction of humanity has largely been influenced by the artisans of our world.

From poets and songwriters to sculptures and painters; from dancers to singers and musicians to actors and actresses. These talented individuals have delivered education, provided new perspectives, encouraged virtuous developments, shed light amidst the darkest times, lifted the spirits of the weary, offered direction and exposed unethical human behavior. Musicians, songwriters, painters, and film-makers have captured the hearts and souls of multitudes, provided inspiration to fuel aspirations and offerd visionary direction.

The artisans of our world have powerfully shaped us and formed us over the centuries, both en mass and as individuals.

Now the time has come for the beauty and effectiveness of artistic communications to be used as a vehicle for mass global vegan education.

Education is unwelcome where it is not sought and persuasion is resented where it is avoided.

Art, on the other hand, is viewed and experienced voluntarily and its very essence has the potential power to open closed minds.

The deliverers of education that replaces pre-established beliefs with radical visionary perspectives have, historically, been classified as extremists or of unsound mind. So insecure is the fabric of our societies that anyone who ‘rocks the boat’ is typically thrown overboard.

Yet, in the deepest recesses of the human psyche exists a beauty that resonates perfectly with art in any form. Where speeches have failed lyrics have succeeded, where physical ‘persuasions’ have invited retaliation dance has spoken volumes and been heard, where political billboards have succumbed to graffiti paintings have been treasured.

Few are excited by the back-stabbing tactics of politicians but many are elated to share with their friends a favorite film that has moved them emotionally.

Art, in its purest forms, has been said to be the language of the divine. Many people from all walks of life know this to be true.

It is with this understanding that the Karuna Unity intends to create the world’s greatest travelling vegan road show to deliver the education necessary for our survival, the survival of all other species, and the very survival of our Mother Earth.

It is our intention to draw together the vegan artisans of the world in order to create a message so powerful, so poignant, so undeniably vital and magnificently inspiring that its message will permeate into the hearts and minds of impoverished humanity across the globe.

This road show will travel to every major city in every country.

Whilst musicians and singers appear on stage, exhibitions of art will be displayed alongside. Poets will recite and dancers will dance. Short plays will be acted and all forms of art will be invited. Most importantly, each and every artist will powerfully convey the vegan message in his or her contribution.

If Woodstock back in the 60’s was the support artist, the Karuna Unity roadshow is the main act.

This gargantuan and monumental undertaking will comprise exclusively of vegan energy soaring on the wings of talent.

Apart from the artists themselves, it will involve a massive crew of technicians, sound and lighting experts, caterers, drivers, mobile construction engineers, public relations personnel, administrators, technical coordinators, human resources managers and many more.

It will be the greatest collaboration of vegans from across the world in history.

It will never be forgotten and nor will its message.

Vegans from all three of the primary vegan incentives – animal rights, environmental salvation and and human health - will unity to become one enormous family of loving compassion to bring the truths of veganism - as the only viable way forwards - to the world at large.

The current perfect storm - created by the pandemic, political unrest and environmental crisis - has opened up the door of opportunity for such a vision to step forwards and manifest itself into a reality so real, and so effective, that it becomes the catalyst for a world finally healed; a world with a future.

Soon to be following this announcement, will be outlines of the first steps that we need to take in order to transform this vision into a pulsating reality.

If you are interested in being part of the Karuna Unity roadshow, or have any questions, please contact Rosalind Graham by clicking on the contacts button. Thank you.

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