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Being a Light Amidst the Darkness

One of the hardest stages of grieving the loss of a loved one, is when the news of their passing is no longer news for anyone else.

Friends may rush to the side of those in the first fresh and shocking days of their loss but, after a while, those same friends naturally need to return to continue with their own lives.

The grieving person is then left marooned and alone in a sea of hollow aching - putting on a 'brave face' in a community that has returned to going about its business.

If you know of someone who has lost a loved one in the last year or two, it would be an act of great benevolence to gently offer your on-going love, compassion and support.

Grieving is a highly personal type of healing and, for some, the initial intense levels of pain continue for much longer then you might assume.

Grieving can also be very isolating.

Sensitive, heartfelt, and caring empathy delivered with love can facilitate re-connection and a hastening of acceptance; it can angelically lift the cup of happiness to the lips of the griever that they may, once again drink in the blessings of life.

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