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Benevolence Heals You

The first greatest spiritual truth is this - It is not the love that we receive that heals us, but the love that we give away.

This spiritual law works on all levels:

If your energies are flagging, use what energy you have to help others and your energy will grow wings.

If your inspiration becomes dim, inspire someone else and your inspiration will glow brightly.

If you feel sad, comfort someone suffering from sadness and your own sadness will be transformed.

If you feel disrespected, demonstrate respect for others and your self-respect will grow.

If you feel discouraged, encourage someone else and your enthusiasm will return.

If you feel angry, help someone else to forgive and the flames of your anger will be extinguished.

If you feel frightened, offer others reassurance and your security will return.

The second greatest spiritual truth is that this law works in reverse too.

If you allow an opportunity to love others pass you by, then you will remain unhealed.

If you don't use the energy you have for doing good, then your energy will run out.

If you can't be bothered to inspire others, you will become uninspired.

If you fail to comfort others who are sad, you will experience sadness.

If you show others disrespect, your own self-respect will die.

If you fail to encourage others, you will become discouraged.

If you avoid helping others to forgive, you will never forgive yourself.

If you do not comfort others when they are frightened, you will become fearful.

I invite you to live today in the light of these two spiritual laws and pay attention to the results, as we all learn best by experience.

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