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Circle of Loving Compassion

As we all go about our days, we are surrounded by influences that affect the thoughts that we think, the words we speak and the actions we bring to the world. Some of these influences are memorable life events, but mostly they are subtle, unnoticed and unimportant.

At times, we feel so connected to our highest aspirations, yet at others, we find ourselves behaving in ways that leave us feeling angry and disappointed with ourselves.

Our moods are in constant flux, and it sometimes seems that our feelings are like tennis balls being hit by the rackets of life’s trivialities.

If we are fortunate, our aspirations are lit up from time to time by moments of inspiration; when the flame of our convictions burns brightly and our world is transformed to one of infinite possibilities.

During such times, we feel the resuscitation of our joy, resulting in renewed awareness of all that is love and beauty. Such moments fuel our hope and sustain us during challenging episodes.

In sharp contrast, when the winds of our perspectives turn towards the chilly north, inspiration is lost and it can feel that progress in our personal development is painstakingly slow

In other words, we are like weather veins; our moods being swung around 180 degrees by the gust of every event or interaction that claims control over our view of the world. The stability of our perspectives is dependent upon the stolidness of the pivot upon which they rotate.

That pivot is fashioned from our choices of time and energy investment.

If we choose to invest daily time in meditation, reflection, and prayer, our pivot becomes substantially more resilient to movement; we can choose to face sunny south in the confidence that only hurricane force winds could turn us away from our inner peace and joy.

Whenever we find ourselves in the grasp of negative moods or the heaviness of lost of inner peace there is, however, something we can do.

We can close our eyes and see a vision of us all in our Karuna Unity holding hands.

By doing this simple thing, we will be able to feel each other’s caring compassion, comfort and understanding. The healing balm of that love will gently turn us back to face the sunny south where we will stand together united and strong.

Let us post ‘Thank you all for holding my hands today’ whenever we have needed to connect with our Karuna Unity in order to process the challenges of our days.

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