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Guardians of the Earth

Human existence is evolving in an insidious and covertly sinister way. We are manipulated into relying on screens for communications and visual platforms for the leading of a virtual life.

Currently, there is a reversal of power taking place.

The infrastructure that was designed to serve us is being transformed into an infrastructure that owns us.

Nature knows nothing of this tragedy; the trees still dance free in the wind, the birds remain liberated in the skies and the tiny folk of the insect world continue about their tasks in sublime ignorance of the human decline.

How healing, and how reassuring it is to know that we can immerse ourselves in the lusciousness and realness of the wild when all about us is becoming progressively more artificial and remote.

How vital it is that each and every one of us who have the awareness to allow it, take personal steps of responsibility in guarding and nurturing the natural world.

Let us not look back in remorse because we chose to buy the safety of silence with the currency of our values.

Let us speak up, united, as voices of fortitude, for every flower, every creature, and every memory of halcyon connections with our majestic mother Earth.

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