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Keeping Children Secure

The current circumstances are causing many people to become highly volatile, emotionally intense, quick to anger and slow to forgive.

These are the natural consequences of uncertainty, frustration and fear.

However, during these times - when the world we took for granted has become chaotic - our children need us to be the epitome of emotional predictability and calm stability.

Their little faces are searching ours for reassurance, a sense of normality and the unspoken comfort of our courage.

It is the demonstration of our inner strength that teaches them how to be strong; our positive words that teach them how to hope, and our impenetrable morals and ethics that provide them with the very framework upon which to hang their souls.

The obvious question arises as to how we can demonstrate such noble and virtuous characteristics, when our fearful thoughts are busy creating such a tempest of emotional disquiet.

Ironically, one answer lies in looking deeply at our children and learning from their innate dispositions.

Children show us how to live in the present moment, how to delight in the small blessings of life, how to live a day as if it were a year, how to seek out the joy of play - in even the most mundane of places.

We need to nurture a truly symbiotic relationship with our children, whereby they teach us how to live, and we teach them how to survive.

We do not need to be parents ourselves in order to embrace such an intention.

We can all strive to be the bedrocks of our society, providing the rocking chair of reassurance so desperately needed by our children's vulnerable minds.

All it takes is a little time each day to pull back from the treadmill our current coping strategies and live in the now with a playful sense of fun.

Regardless of whether you have children in your immediate family, I encourage you to become part of the safety net that keeps the children in our society reassured.

There is no better time to be a temporary Mary Poppins whenever in the presence of a child.

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