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Saturday February 20th 2021

Hello everyone,

I apologise for there being some hitches with the website and I so hope they are now resolved.

If you are still having problems, please let me know by replying to this message (see the very bottom of the page).

Despite our numbers rising, only a very small percentage seem to be viewing these messages. I am totally new to this form of communication, so if anyone has any advice as to how I can make it more accessible or easier for people to resource, please let me know. You can offer your suggestions at the bottom of this page. If you would prefer to contact me privately, my email address is -


Please can you provide me with further, very important, assistance?

As most of you know, there also exists a Karuna Unity facebook page, which was originally set up as a result of the speech I delivered during the recent Woodstock Raw Restart seminar.

People in that facebook group seem primarily interested in accessing Personal Inspiration,Education and Support (PIES) within the context of the vegan/raw vegan lifestyle. There appears to be little interest in the original vision and mission of the Karuna Unity (see the home page of this website). .

In order for me to be as helpful to others as I can, I will, for the moment, continue to deliver PIES on the Karuna Unity facebook page. However, this website has been set up exclusively to facilitate communications between those who aspire to the Karuna Unity vision and mission.

PLEASE would you please send me a brief message below (or via email to to confirm if you are interested or not in being a part of the Karuna Unity's vision (see the home page to access the Vision Statement.

I am so grateful, thank you

Rosalind . :

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