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Strength & Courage

If we aspire to living our truth as fully compassionate Earthlings, one of the most important things for us to strengthen is our courage.

It takes great courage to speak and act in ways that authentically represent our compassion whilst living in a society where kindness, gentleness and genuine consideration for others is, at best, seen as unusual and, at worse, a sign of weakness.

I have lost count of the number of times I have been referred to as a ‘softie’; a term that carries with it connotations of being soppy, spineless and easily manipulated.

It seems the majority are conditioned to live behind a façade of

shallow connections with others; carefully allowing only a certain depth of their kindness self to be revealed. This 'hardness' is seen as being admirable.

When these individuals are faced with a stranger showing an open heart, they feel socially embarrassed.

However, one of the positives coming out of this pandemic is that little glimpses of brotherhood and sisterhood have begun to emerge. The tiny seeds of camaraderie have been sown in the parched soil of society – forming cracks in the social facades and prizing them apart.

This has resulted in some uncommon expressions of caring amongst people form all walks of life.

On several occasions recently, I have expressed my sincere gratitude to someone, unfamiliar to me, for the kindness that they have shown me. On each occasion, it appeared that the person was alarmed that they had allowed their underlying kindness to be exposed by replying that they were ‘just doing their job’.

If the only reason one stranger is kind to another is because they are being paid to do so, then how tragic the human condition has become.

I am tempted to ask these people ‘Would you still be kind to me had we met outside of your work?’.

If we can find the courage to extend our loving compassion into each and every crack in the figurative and literal masks currently worn, and do so with all our might, eventually, others will also find the courage to drop their masks and join us.

Yet another opportunity that has arisen from this current global crisis.

The time has come for the Karuna Unity to spread its warmth into all dark corners and melt away the fear that has so many in its grasp.

Fear is the precursor of violence and love is the precursor of peace.

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