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The Community Mission

Despite the current restrictions on real socialisation, most of us still interact with groups and sub groups of people. In other words, we each are typically members of mini communities as we go about our days.

These groups may be on social media, places of work, amongst others in our living space or even those who we fleetingly interact with as operators of our local infrastructure.

If everyone in our mini communities were to share the same graceful aspiration - of creating a social group based on mutual kindness, compassion, helpfulness, respect, peace and harmony - mini human sanctuaries would sprout and grow.

If nurtured, these pockets of human grace would eventually merge to cloak a whole town, then a whole state, then a whole country and then the whole world.

Becoming the catalysts of such sanctuaries in our mini communities is a real way that we can create positive difference in our troubled world.

I urge you to create a mission statement for any group that you interact with and to offer it to all members of that group.

You could enclose this message or compile your own cover note, explaining the purpose behind your action. That way, if you feel shy, you need say nothing; simply pass the documents to them either in the post, by hand or over the Internet.

What follows is a suggested template for your mission statement. This is for you to adapt according to the appropriateness for your particular group.


It is the mission of us all within this group, to help each other as needs arise, be considerate of each other's feelings, speak and act respectfully, nurture our friendships with kindness and compassion, support each other in times of need, express gratitude when it is due, and practice forgiveness when necessary.

Should conflicts in perceptions, expectations, understandings or standards arise, we will do our best to re-establish harmony as quickly and gracefully as possible using good humour and humility.

We acknowledge the opportunity we have to mutually create a psychologically and emotionally supportive environment as we all strive to thrive during this extraordinarily challenging time in history.

This, our mission statement, reflects our communities, aspirations and intentions.

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