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United in Love and Compassion

Today, one year ago, it was announced that there was a global pandemic. How many of us predicted that we would still be under lockdown one year later?

Despite the array of tragic outcomes such a crisis has brought, there has also been a diversity of positive developments.

It would be a second tragedy were these blessings not to be acknowledged.

I encourage you to pause long enough to reflect on the heart centred connections that are available to you within our Karuna Unity; connections that, were it not for COVID, would not have occurred.

Gifts do not always come in big boxes; perhaps it was just a small kindness offered by a neighbour, perhaps an opportunity to assist someone in need, perhaps more time spent with family.

Our society has become so focused on the negative that the positives of everyday life typically get only scant attention - if noticed at all.

It is in the noticing, and appreciating, that the positives of our existence are absorbed into our psyche where they can nourish hope and sustain us in days to come.

It is the responsibility of all of us within our Karuna Unity, to see our numbers grow.

A sincere welcome to all those new to our Karuna Unity and an equally sincere ‘thank you’ to those who introduced others to our group.

Our group was created on the wings of a shared vision; to build a global community based on generic loving kindness and compassion.

Choosing to be part of our Karuna Unity is a profound demonstration of your intent to take an active part in the healing of humanity, our Mother Earth, and our animal siblings.

I applaud you all for that commitment.

Let us hold each other’s hands as we stand firm in our knowing that compassion in action always has been, is, and always will be, the only sustainable way forwards to the dawning of a brighter future.

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