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The trilogy of compassion in action

for humans, animals and Earth.





Our Vision

It is the vision of the Karuna Unity to provide a global community where vegans from the three primary incentives: human health, animal rights and environmental healing can unite as one inspirational voice to raise awareness, educate and empower mainstream people, and in doing so, become a leading catalyst of global and planetary salvation. It is not our intention to homogenise the world's vegan groups or take away their individual identity, but rather to provide a home for all vegan initiatives to turn to for compassionate support as we jointly set about establishing a sustainable, ethical, and mutually nurturing society for the future.

Dear supporters of the Karuna Unity,


The word karuna means compassion in ACTION, and we are now ready to take action, move forward, and be overtly dynamic in our efforts to quicken the bringing of veganism to the mainstream public.


After many months of preparation and discussion, we are now all set for you to become actively involved.  


Thank you so much for your patience.


Currently we have five primary initiatives. You can choose to become involved in any of them. 


Below is a description of each of the 5 initiatives, followed by suggestions as to exactly how you could contribute.   


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN GETTING INVOLVED WITH ANY OF THE  INITIATIVES BELOW, PLEASE EMAIL ROSALIND AT  stating your name and what is it that you would like to get involved with. 



Initiative 1: Speaking Of Veganism

This is a twenty hour course in the skills and art of public speaking, that is offered free to established vegans from anywhere in the world. 

The intent is to give veganism more of a voice throughout the globe. 

The course is delivered via a series of zoom sessions. 

For those within the UK, one in person weekend workshop is also available per course.   


At the end of the course, students receive a certificate of completion. They may, if they wish, go on to undertake a Speaking of Veganism assessment; in order to receive the KU SOV level 1 certificate in Public Speaking Via the Internet, and/or the KU SOV level 2 certificate in Public Speaking In Person.


If you would like to get involved with the KU Speaking of Veganism courses, you could:


  1. Sign up to take the Speaking of Veganism course.

  2. Inform all of your vegan friends and vegan social media contacts about the course.

  3. Volunteer to be part of the audience for one or more of the students’ zoom presentation assignments.

  4. Volunteer to design and create the certificates, which are to be hard copies mailed to all graduates. 

  5. Research the contact details of vegan groups within universities and send them to the KU.



Initiative 2: The Karuna Unity’s Speaking of Veganism Showcase

Once per month, a student, who has successfully completed the Speaking of Veganism course, will be hosted on the Karuna Unity YouTube platform. Each month a different graduate will be given the opportunity to deliver their own  vegan presentation.


If you would like to get involved with the KU Speaking of Veganism Showcases, you could:


  1. Complete the Speaking of Veganism course and become one of the monthly speakers.  

  2. Tell your vegan friends about the showcases and invite them to be part of the audience. 

  3. Encourage your non-vegan friends to watch the YouTube showcases; especially those presentations designed specifically for the mainstream public. 

  4. Volunteer to assist with the co-ordination and production of the showcases.


Initiative 3: The Karuna Unity Vegan Artisans Festivals.


Initially four times per year - and eventually monthly - the Karuna Unity will be hosting a celebration of the vegan artisans of the world as they deliver the vegan message via, song, dance, poetry, art, drama, and all manner of art forms. 


In order to reach as many people as possible and to enable the incorporation of vegan artisans from all over the world, these will – initially – be virtual festivals staged on-line. (The ultimate goal of the KU remains to creation of the live KU travelling roadshow).  


If you would like to get involved with the KU Artisans’ Festivals, you could:


  1. Be a featured artist at one of the Karuna Unity Festivals.

  2. Tell all your vegan artisan friends and contacts about the KU Festivals and encourage them to participate.

  3. Invite your mainstream non-vegan friends and contacts to attend the KU festivals.

  4. Seek out vegan artisans from around the world and invite them to join the KU and to become a featured artist in an on-line festival. 



Initiative 4: The Karuna Unity monthly newsletter


The Karuna Unity newsletter is to be an offered for free, via email, to all Karuna Unity members. It is to contain articles, and all manner of associated texts, relating to the vegan message. The intent behind the newsletter is rooted in the words: support, inspiration, encouragement, education, and community.


The KU newsletter will contain a special page suitable for young vegan children.


Within each newsletter, there will also be a free article; designed to be forwarded electrically, or printed out and offered to, non-vegan individuals or groups.

These articles will be educational and /or inspirational in nature and carry a powerful vegan message.    


If you would like to get involved with the KU Monthly Newsletter, you could:



  1. Write and send in an article for inclusion in the newsletter; either designed for other vegan KU members, for young vegan children, or for the supplement for non-vegans.

  2. Forward the supplement to as many of your non-vegans contacts as you can.

  3. Volunteer to assist with the design, formatting and production of the newsletter.

  4. Volunteer to edit the newsletters.



Initiative 5: The Critical Comparison Gallery


This is a vital part of the work of the KU. 

Photographs of animals demonstrating expressions of emotion - such as joy, fear, love, terror, playfulness, panic, anxiety, shyness, anger, grief, loneliness, etc. – are to be featured alongside corresponding photographs humans expressing the same emotions.  The intent of the Critical Comparison Gallery is to bring to mainstream attention the truth and enormity of animal sentience. 


Initially, this gallery will be on-line on the KU website and posted on the KU instagram platform.  


The goal is that, eventually, it will become a real life exhibition and displayed within shopping mauls around the world.     


If you would like to get involved with the KU Critical Comparison Gallery, you could:


  1. Send in any photograph that you have taken of an animal showing a specific emotion.

  2. Ask someone to take a photograph of you acting out a specific emotion and then send it in for inclusion in the gallery. 

Please ensure that all photographs of are originals created by you and not taken from other photographers. 


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN GETTING INVOLVED WITH ANY OF THE ABOVE INITIATIVES, PLEASE EMAIL ROSALIND AT  stating your name and what is it that you would like to get involved with. 


Together we can do this.

The Karuna Unity; the global vegan voice for global vegan change

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